Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document outlines what information we collect from our users and how we use that information. Our goal in creating this policy is to be transparent so that you can make informed decisions. We urge you to read it, as by installing our Add-on or visiting our website, you are accepting the practices described here. If you have questions, please visit contact page. Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in our terms of service. What information does 1 dollar fashion receive?

Through your use of 1 dollar fashion, we receive the following types of information:

  • Information you give us: When you create a web account with us, we receive and store information from you, such as your username, password, and email address (your “Registration Information”). We also receive and store any information that you post or disclose on our website, or in any email that you send to us.
  • Information generated when you visit our website: Each time you visit our website, we receive and store information associated with that visit, such as the date and time of the visit, your computer’s IP address, which pages on our site you view, which browser you are using, any cookies associated with our site, etc.
  • Information generated by the 1 dollar fashion Add-on: If you use an 1 dollar fashion Add-on, it will contact our servers periodically or in response to certain actions you take in your browser. Each of those contacts generates the same kind of information generated when you visit our website, as described above. Additionally, the Add-on will transmit whatever data is necessary to provide particular features of the Add-on and to monitor their use. For example, to synchronize your bookmarks, the Add-on transmits your bookmarks to our servers. To provide the Smarter Search feature, the Add-on transmits the search query you entered and any search results you receive.

What about cookies?

We use cookies in a variety of ways to improve your experience using our site (for example by keeping you logged in as you browse our site) and to analyze in aggregate usage of our site. Additionally, our advertising partners may use cookies to analyze your behavior across websites to facilitate the display of ads that are more relevant to you and your interests.

How does 1 dollar fashion use the information it receives?

We use the information we receive from our users to provide our users with various services and otherwise operate our business as follows:

  • Registration Information: We use your Registration Information (as defined above), to ensure that only authorized people can access your account. The 1 dollar fashion Add-on uses your Registration Information to log you in automatically to synchronize your bookmarks and passwords. We also use your Registration Information to confirm your identity when you log in manually to our website. We may use your Registration Information to contact you to provide technical support, or, unless you opt out, to contact you regarding 1 dollar fashion services or products.
  • Synchronized Passwords: If you use the 1 dollar fashion Add-on to synchronize your passwords, we keep an encrypted copy of your passwords on our servers. Because your passwords are encrypted with a PIN that you choose and we never see, we cannot view your passwords. We will never decrypt your passwords other than to provide synchronization services on a computer you are using, and we keep your encrypted passwords on our servers only to allow you to synchronize those passwords.
  • Synchronized Bookmarks: If you use the 1 dollar fashion Add-on to synchronize your bookmarks, we keep a copy of your bookmarks on our servers. We use this data to provide you with backup and synchronization services. Unless you opt out, we anonymize, aggregate, and analyze the bookmarks of our users in order to provide a range of Search and Discovery services like Smarter Search, Suggested Tags, and Top Sites.
  • Usage Data: When you use our website or various features in the 1 dollar fashion Add-on, we collect usage data which we analyze in aggregate to learn how our site and features are being used so we can tune and improve them. On occasion, we may examine usage data from an individual user as required to solve technical problems.
  • Other Data: We use other data that the 1 dollar fashion Add-on sends us to provide specific in-browser features. For example, in Firefox when you open the bookmark dialog, we use the web address that the Add-on sends to provide you with a list of Suggested Tags.

Does 1 dollar fashion share the information it receives?

No we do not share any info we receive.