Steps to Clean the Purse
Additional Tips and Ideas
Anyone with a Coach purse knows what a valuable accessory it can be. Over time, these purses can build up a layer of dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned away. Using a gentle soap and minimal amount of moisture is key to a successful cleaning. Follow these steps to complete the process quickly, easily and effectively.

You Will Need:

Ivory bar soap
Soft cloths
Steps to Clean the Purse:

Fill the sink with warm water.
Moisten a soft cloth with the clean, warm water.
Rub the cloth on the bar of Ivory soap to apply a small amount of soap to the cloth.
Clean the surface of the purse by gently rubbing the surface with the moistened soft cloth.
Work in small sections until the entire purse is cleaned.
Rinse by wiping with a clean, soft cloth that is moistened with clean water.
Allow the purse to dry completely.
Additional Tips and Ideas

Do not submerge the purse in water. It is best to use the least amount of water necessary to avoid color bleeding and fading.

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